"An investor should act as though he had a lifetime decision card with just twenty punches on it."


The founder of PPS, the leading peer-to-peer streaming video network software in China. After PPS was purchased by Baidu for USD 370m, Mr. Zhang served as the co-CEO of Iqiyi, one of the largest online video platform. Hongyu has extensive knowledge in the fields of internet and content streaming in China. 



Hongyu Zhang


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We typically invest under USD 5m for a single deal, but will make exceptions when we can’t resist.


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Our founders are working cross a broad range of sectors, from education to media to healthcare to SaaS to AI to e-commerce to game to social networking service.


is a founding partner of MFund. Before his journey as an investor, he served as the CEO of 91 Wireless, China’s most influential smartphone service platform from 2010. The company was then sold to Baidu for USD 1.9 Billion, making it the largest M&A case in the acquisition history of China’s Internet sector. Before his legendary achievement in 91 Wireless, Mr. Wu was the CFO of NetDragon, a leading company specializing in online games and mobile internet related projects. He took the company to IPO in 2007 in Hong Kong.



Joe Wu


Colin is the founder and CEO of Pinduoduo (PDD), one of the largest social e-commerce company in China with the market value of more than USD 20 billion. Mr. Huang started his career at Google’s headquarters as a software engineer, and returned to China in 2006 to help establish Google China. As a serial entrepreneur, Mr. Huang has also founded online game company Xinyoudi and e-commerce business solution provider giant Leqee.



Colin Huang


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